scents of the month

  • Full Speed EDT

    Brave conqueror. The refreshing notes of citruses enriched with the subtle yet lasting note of musk. Bold composition of energetic citruses and intriguing juniper. Cocktail of pure adrenaline enriched by raw and refreshing aromas of green citruses and musk. Perfect start of every adventure.

  • Just Play for him EDT

    Active and eager to face new challenges. The cocktail of fresh green and aromatic citruses. Deep, masculine note of chypre creates a perfect base for energetic cocktail of refreshing lime and interesting note of geranium. Fragrance is finished with hints of alluring apple, aromatic nutmeg and perversive note of coriander. Explosion of energy!

  • Today Tomorrow Always for him EDT

    Subtle and sensual. The distinctive yet delicate scent. Sensual and elegant suede makes perfect base for delicate, interesting aroma of sage. Exuberant coriander finishes fragrance with a strong note. Merges contradictions.

  • Premiere Luxe Oud for him EDP

    Elegance with character. Indulge in the sophistication of this fragrance: a signature blend of a vibrant black pepper oil with precious oud oil and intense guaiac wood essence that leaves a memorable, alluring and long lasting trail.

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